My very first picky eater piece of advice may be: when you’re feeling down as well as out about what your youngster will eat, make a listing of whatever they like. just like “sleeping with the night” is some bullsh*t number of hours that doesn’t make up a full night’s sleep, so, too, your picky eater is not thought about truly “Picky” if he eats at least 20 foods. So, I wondered if my notoriously selective child even counted under those guidelines. Nope, he’s fine.

Of course, I made a list! My son likes these foods from the grains as well as dairy food groups:

toast as well as bread of most shapes as well as kinds

peanut butter as well as jelly sandwich

peanut butter waffle


francúzsky toast



sweet potato fries (not wonderful potatoes or routine fries)


yogurt, ordinary or vanilla however not flavored

cheese by itself in cubes (grocery store samples!), sticks (occasionally), shredded in handfuls

cheese quesadilla

cheese pizza

bagel as well as cream cheese

cereal of a few kinds: granola, hexagons, puffins, rice krispies, etc.

hummus as well as pita


hot dogs

juice of many kinds: orange, apple, sometimes smoothies


cookies as well as sweets of many kinds, ice cream, whipped cream, cake, brownie, as well as the whole classification I’m not worried about

Also, these fruits if they are absolutely perfect without any acnes as well as he’s truly in the mood:

strawberries “in season”

mango, completely ripe, not excessively or underly so.

banana without any brown speckles

apple, perhaps however probably “Nah”

If I add back in the foods that Sawyer has eaten with success however has since forgotten that he ever liked, I’m well over twenty foods as well as feeling hopeful for the future: cheeseburger at In-N-Out, broccoli, pasta with parm (pictured above), applesauce, dinosaur-shaped chicken, the spinach I slip into his stuffed pizzas, as well as avocado.

I believe that my task is to de-escalate the drama he brings to the dinner table as well as I do that with a combination of casually offering him foods he likes mixed in with foods we’re already eating as well as just throwing a peanut butter waffle on the table without providing him a choice. It is a work in development for sure!

What foods does your picky eater like to eat?

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