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Every year during lent I tell myself that I will checked out my Holy bible more as well as join an on the internet Holy bible research study group to try my finest to deepen my connection with Jesus.  This year I had assist from a wonderful book written by Judy Huitt, a Bible-study teacher, seminar leader as well as Christian mentor. In her new book, “Our Beloved, Our Friend, check out the Word, Experience Jesus, Share His Love,” Huitt provides forty Bible-study meditations in an easy-to-use technique designed as an aid for strengthening prayer as well as illuminating the Word.

When you checked out your Holy bible it is important to be able to comprehend exactly how that associates with your life.  By strengthening your connection with Jesus as well as developing a more intimate friendship with the Lord you can have a much better comprehending of scripture.  This book encourages the visitor to spend more time reading the Holy bible in order to nurture their connection with God like their human connections – with communication as well as high quality time.

Huitt says, “Through His Word, visitors will have the chance to autumn more deeply in like with Jesus as well as walk more carefully with Him – or potentially satisfy Him for the very first time.  They will be motivated as well as equipped to naturally share Him as well as His transforming like with others in all they state as well as do.”

I keep “Our Beloved, Our Friend,” right next to my Holy bible as well as utilize it as a recommendation guide for my everyday scripture readings.  If your Holy bible is collecting dust it isn’t as well late to begin strengthening your connection with the Lord.  “Our Beloved, Our Friend,” is the perfect recommendation guide for those just beginning their Holy bible research study journey as well as for those whom are routine visitors of scripture.

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“Jesus desired me to share exactly how He touched me as well as altered me with His Word as well as His limitless, liberating like – which He has for all of us,” Huitt says.  “He desired me to share the method He taught me to check out as well as dig into the Word, experience Jesus as well as share His like so others can, too.”

You can purchase “Our Beloved, Our Friend: check out the Word. Experience Jesus. Share His Love,” By Judy Huitt on as well as

*Disclosure: I got a copy of the book, “Our Beloved, Our Friend: check out the Word. Experience Jesus. Share His Love,” By Judy Huitt in exchange for this review. Všetky názory sú presné aj 100% moje.

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