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I can’t believe that I have been doing this meme for nearly a year and I still don’t have any participants. To je v poriadku. I’m persistent so I will continue with it anyway. So, here’s how my week went.

This was the last week Chris had to work long hours up in Auburn. I am going to miss his big paychecks but at least I won’t feel like a single mother anymore. next week they will be working five 6 hour days instead of four 8 hour days.

Courtney had an uneventful week at school. The only exciting thing was that they had a spirit rally. She said she had a lot of fun yelling with her classmates. I’ve been putting off filling out the registration for next year. I’m anxious that we won’t be able to afford it. My mother told me that they would help us out with the tuition if we need it. So I guess I’ll be filling out that paper work this weekend.

Ciara stopped flushing her clothes down the toilet. I think taking them away from her whenever she went potty helped. Pre-school went surprisingly well too. I found out that she has to work on holding a pencil appropriately and coloring in the lines. Although, those two skills improved tremendously by the end of the week. We discovered the letter A, the number 1, sang and danced, did some animal exercises and made a Valentine’s craft. It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to next week. Here’s her letter A.

I composed the A’s in pencil and had her trace them in crayon. Not too bad, huh? I’m just a pleased Mommy.

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Conan is so funny. He still likes to follow his sister around and do whatever she does. often it can be bad, like when they get a hold of the box of crayons and Ciara chooses to draw on the wall, so Conan does the same thing. other times it leads to something good. For example, Ciara is potty trained and I am trying to train Conan but he won’t sit on his bit potty for very long and now we lost the bit splash guard for kids so I am nervous about putting him on it. So whenever Ciara has to go potty Conan insists that he has to go too. and he does not want to sit on the bit potty, no siree! He has to sit on the big potty just like his sister. He can’t go peepee on the big potty because he is a boy, and he hasn’t gone poopy yet either but if he wishes to sit on it I am not going to stop him. who understands maybe I can train him this way. My goal is to have him in pull ups by the time the baby is born. I need to find that splash guard.

I finally had a counciling appointment with Catholic social services. The girl that spoke with me was very young and helpful. We figured out that I need to surround myself with people in buy to be delighted because I am an extrovert. I haven’t figured out how to get involved in the community of Sacramento yet, so she is going to help me find some organizations to join. I also finally got everything corrected the alignment of out with medical and have a physicians appointment set up for March 2. Yeah! Finally! If my calculations are right I will be about 16 weeks by then. What is that half way through your second trimester? I dislike the government help programs out here. They take forever!

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I’ve been so busy and worn out so I haven’t been blogging as much as I must be this past week. My visitor stats really showed that too. I need to work a bit harder this next week.

Feel complimentary to join in on this meme. I would love to find out how your week went!

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